Daco TD350 / 430 Plain Label Converting Line

The Daco TD350 / 430 plain label converting line is the ideal machine for converting labels automatically with little operator input. The machine is equipped with a high capacity 1m (39.37″) unwind and a 4 spindle fully automatic turret rewinder and optional flexographic print unit(s).

Daco TD350 / 430 Plain Label Converting Line


The Daco TD plain-label converting line is ideal for converting labels automatically with little operator input. The machine is equipped with a high capacity 1m (39.37″) unwind to keep master roll changes to a minimum. The 4 spindle turret offers quick change over time, which, coupled with a touch screen HMI operator interface, makes the machine interactive and user-friendly. The machine can be configured with either 1 or 2 servo-driven rotary die stations.

The Daco TD’s SVT turret module utilises a unique patented double-sided tape system for attaching the web to the cores, and the finished rolls are closed using a label printed by an onboard thermal transfer printer. This eliminates the need for expensive and complicated hot melt gluing systems, which often cause problems for both machine operators and end-users. Electronic job storage, intuitive touchscreen control, and minimal mechanical settings make the machine very simple to set up and operate.

The operator can select from either length or a given number of labels per roll, and the machine will then automatically cut and transfer the web to the cores without stopping.

The Daco TD plain-label converting line has a host of optional equipment, enabling you to specify a very adaptable plain-label converting line now and in the future because of its modular construction.

The machine is suited to the growing thermal transfer market where quick make-ready, high production speeds, and little operator input are vital to producing good profit margins.

With the addition of flexo print unit(s), the machine can manufacture weigh scale, colour-washed, and retail labels all in one pass.

Daco TD350 Plain Label Production Line

Daco TD430 Plain Label Production Line

Standard Features

Web width: 350mm (13.75”) or 430mm (17″)

UL350 Cantilevered Unwind Module

  • Maximum unwind diameter: 1m (39.37″).
  • 76mm (3″) air mandrel.
  • Automatic roll lift.
  • Merobel electromagnetic particle brake.
  • Automatic taper tension control.
  • Programmable end-of-roll function – The user can program the roll end diameter – slowdown and / or stop.  The system uses no roll followers or external sensors that can be damaged at roll changes.  The diameter is programmed from the touchscreen operator interface.
  • Web up – the operator from the touch screen operator interface releases the unwind brake to allow for simple webbing up of the machine.

BST Electronic Web guide

  • Ultrasonic sensor – enables guiding of opaque and clear materials.
  • Adjustable web guide sensor.
  • +/- 25mm (1″) correction.
  • Integral splice table with pneumatic interlocked web clamps.
  • Tape dispenser for splicing.

Servo-driven infeed nip roller

  • Fully adjustable pneumatically operated with regulator and gauge.
  • On / off feature to allow for easy threading of the machine.
  • Interlocked so that the machine cannot be started with the nip roller off.

Daco DM Servo Driven Rotary Die Cutting Module

  • 350 model – Cutter repeat lengths: 8″-18″, 65T – 144T
  • 350 model – RotoMetrics through-hardened anvil – 105T – (13.125″) repeat.
  • 430 model – Cutter repeat lengths: 10″-24″, 80T – 192T.
  • 430 model – RotoMetrics removable through-hardened anvil – 136T – 17″ repeat with 96T – 12″ support roller
  • Gearing – 1/8 cp, 20-degree pressure angle.
  • Precision ground steel 20mm (0.78″) die plates.
  • A driven capstan roller with adjustable tension control ensures reliable matrix stripping, enabling high-speed running even if the matrix rewind becomes unstable.
  • Servo-driven matrix/waste rewind – 609mm (24”) diameter with fully adjustable tension control and a 76mm (3″) air mandrel.

Rotary scissor slitting unit

  • 3 slitting knives.
  • Minimum slit width 13mm (0.51″).
  • Lateral knife adjustment +/- 8mm (0.31″).
  • Knife separation.
  • Quick-release pneumatically operated nip roller.
  • Removable interlocked cutter guard.
  • Dual knife box configuration allows for razor slitting to be fitted.

SVT Servo driven 4 spindle turret rewind module

  • Maximum rewind diameter: 340mm (13.38″).
  • 50mm (2”) minimum roll diameter.
  • Closed loop tension control.
  • Mandrel end support at the cut & label closure / tamp position.
  • 4 x 76mm (3″) air mandrels (or 4 of customer choice).
  • Adjustable core positioning stop – ensures accurate core loading onto the mandrel.
  • Automatic roll eject system complete with roll eject chute – enables easy removal of the finished rolls by the operator.

Print and apply label applicator to close the finished roll with a label.

  • A Toshiba Tec B-EX4T1 300 dpi thermal transfer printer can print data to the roll closure labels. The printed labels are collected onto a vacuum belt and applied to the finished rolls. The label closure data is programmable from the machine’s touch screen.

Count units: Labels / Metres / Feet.

Maximum web speed 175m/minute (575 feet/minute) 

12.1″ Colour touch screen HMI operator interface

  • Highlights machine status, error messages and warnings.
  • Counting options.
  • Tension settings.
  • Job storage allows for easy & quick job setups – 100 jobs.

Modem connection for machine diagnostics & software upgrades

Optional Equipment

  • Daco DBS-ES back scorer – enables edge trim to be wound with the waste matrix.
  • RotoMetrics Hydra Jack die pressure gauges.
  • Replace the double-sided tape system with a Nordson hot melt gluing system which is programmable and allows the operator to set up the core gluing within seconds.
  • Auto Set Slitting (Minimum slit width 24mm (0.944″) complete with 5 knives and auto positioning sensor
  • Sensor & software upgrade for die-cut to register applications.
  • Air-assisted turn bar.
  • RotoMetrics removable anvil with support roller.
  • Kocher & Beck GapMaster adjustable clearance anvil & oil lubrication..
  • Additional rotary die station(s) (no waste rewind or stripping).
  • Matrix stripping & rewind for the second die station.
  • Razor slitting – 3 knives with lateral knife adjustment +/- 8mm (0.31″) – Minimum slit width 10mm (0.39″).
  • Foot pedal to jog the machine (assists in webbing up the machine).
  • RotoMetrics magnetic die cylinders.
  • Air mandrels – 19 to 76mm (¾” to 3″).
  • Flexographic print station(s).
  • UV Inkjet systems.
  • Lundberg trim extraction system – enables the waste matrix to be extracted and optionally compacted.

Video / Gallery

Daco TD350 Plain Label Production Line
Daco TD430 Plain Label Production Line
Daco TD430 plain label converting line
Daco TD430 plain label converting line
Daco TD350 - 2 Rotary Die Stations - Kocher & Beck GapMaster

Product Documents

Daco TD350 Plain Label Converting Line - Product Brochure Download Now

Daco TD430 Plain Label Converting Line - Product Brochure Download Now

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