Daco SR Label Slitter Rewinder

SR slitter rewinder is cost effective solution for label rewinding and is available in 350mm (13.75″) and 430mm (17″) web widths.

Daco SR Label Slitter Rewinder


The Daco SR label slitter rewinder is a cost effective and simple to use label slitting and rewinding machine. The machines compact size and short web path keeps wastage to a minimum, the silicon covered nip drive roller helps to reduce downtime as labels cannot attach themselves to the roller. The design of the SR slitter rewinder includes a quick set rotary scissor slitting unit with lateral adjustment. A colour touch screen HMI operator interface enabling quick and easy job setups, control of the various counting facilities, taper tension control, end of roll features, operator messaging and job storage.

The machines 700mm (27.5″) unwind and servo driven 360mm (14″) rewind which has taper tension control as standard that enables the tension to be kept at a predetermined tension set by the operator. Adjustment of the tension in relation to the roll diameters is automatically compensated for by the PLC.

A BST electronic web guidance system with an ultrasonic sensor ensures that the finished rolls are perfectly wound, and an inspection table with pneumatic web clamps is also fitted as standard, enabling splices to be made both neatly and easily.

Pneumatic air shafts for both unwind and rewind means that changing the rolls could not be simpler.

Daco SR350 label slitter rewinder with dual rewinds

Standard Features


  • Maximum unwind diameter: 700mm (27.5″)
  • 76mm (3″) diameter air shaft
  • Merobel electromagnetic particle brake
  • Automatic taper tension control
  • End of roll function – The user can program the roll end diameter – slowdown and/or stop – The system does not use any roll followers or external sensors that can be damaged at roll changes. The diameter is programmed from the touch screen operator interface.
  • Web up – the operator can, at the touch of a button on the touch screen operator interface, release the unwind brake to allow for easier webbing up of the machine.

Splicing Table

  • 700mm (27.5″) inspection area prior to web guiding and slitting.
  • Adjustable splicing facility.
  • Pneumatic web clamps.
  • Tape dispenser.

BST electronic web guide.

  • Ultrasonic sensor – enables guiding of opaque and clear materials.
  • Adjustable web guide sensor.
  • +/- 25mm (1″) correction.

Draw Head

  • Quick release pneumatically operated nip roller against a driven draw roller.
  • The silicone nip roller does not allow labels to attach themselves to it, reducing downtime.
  • Fully adjustable to allow for different label stocks.
  • The draw roller is driven by a 1.5Kw (2 hp) motor.


  • 3 slitting knives
  • Minimum slit width 13mm (0.51″)
  • Lateral knife adjustment +/- 8mm (0.31″)
  • Knife separation
  • Removable interlocked cutter guard
  • Dual knife box configuration to allow for razor slitting to be also fitted


  • 1 Product rewind.
  • Maximum rewind diameter: 360mm (14″).
  • 76mm (3″) diameter with quick change air shaft
  • Automatic taper tension control
  • Servo driven rewind
  • Labels in / labels out rewinding
  • Quick change air mandrels. The mandrel size is selected on the touch screen and is electronically compensated for, so there are no gears to change.

Count Facility

  • Labels
  • Linear – metres & feet
  • Stop on diameter
  • Total count
  • Batch count
  • Auto calculation of slow down and stop irrelevant of web speed.
  • TLC – Total length count until reset by the operator.

Colour Touch Screen Operator Interface

  • Highlights machine status, error messages and warnings
  • Counting options
  • Tension settings
  • Job storage for easy & quick job set ups – 100 job capacity

Speed – 250 metres / minute – 820 feet / minute – dependent on material.

Conforms to CE regulations and all circuits use dual channel safety switches, which are continuously monitored using a certified safety relay.

Optional Equipment

Dual product rewinds.
Extended inspection / splicing table – 1460mm (57.4″) with adjustable splicing and pneumatic web clamps.
Unilux strobe light.
Razor slitting with lateral adjustment – 10mm (0.39″) minimum slit width.
Range of air mandrels – 25 to 76mm (1 to 3″).
Additional rotary/razor slitting knives.

Video / Gallery

Daco SR350 label slitter rewinder with dual rewinds
Daco SR430 Slitter Rewinder - 2 Rewinds
Daco SR430 Slitter Rewinder - Dual Rewinds

Product Documents

Daco SR - Label Inspection / Slitter Rewinder - Product Brochure Download Now

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