Daco FLX350 Flexo Label Press

The Daco FLX350 flexo label press is a compact printing press available with either 1 or 2 colours utilising IR or optional GEW UV drying. Take simple work from multi colour presses and produce simple labels cost-effectively.

Daco FLX350 1 Colour Flexographic Label Press


The Daco FLX350 flexo label press is a compact, versatile converting line for labels.   The machine is available for flexo printing applications or the converting of media from pre-printed digital, inkjet, flexo and gravure printing presses.

Easily apply spot or flood coat UV varnishes, the ‘FLX350’ can also be configured with an optional laminating station to give ultimate flexibility for digital finishing applications.

The flexo print/coating station utilises the latest in servo drive technology and with software written by Daco allows for quick and easy setup.  With the environment and paper costs in mind, the print to die register is accomplished with the use of minimal substrate.

Even with the machines compact size, the FLX350 has a 700mm (27.5”) unwind and rewind with automatic tension control ensuring that roll changes are kept to a minimum.  A smaller optional rewind is also available for digital converting and plain label / slitter rewinding functions.

The flexibility of the ‘FLX350’ platform enables a converting line to be configured for most applications.

Daco FLX350 Flexographic Label Press

Standard Features

Web width: 350mm (13.75”)


  • Maximum unwind diameter: 700mm (27.5″)
  • 76mm (3″) diameter air shaft
  • Merobel electromagnetic particle brake
  • Programmable end of roll function – The user can program the roll end diameter – slowdown and / or stop.  The system does not use any roll followers or external sensors that can be damaged at roll changes.  The diameter is programmed from the touch screen operator interface.
  • Web up – the operator from the touch screen operator interface, release the unwind brake to allow for simple webbing up of the machine.

BST electronic web guide

  • Ultrasonic sensor – enables guiding of opaque and clear materials.
  • Adjustable web guide sensor.
  • +/- 25mm (1″) correction.
  • Integral splice table with pneumatic interlocked web clamps.
  • Tape dispenser for splicing

1 Flexographic print / coating station

  • Print to register servo drive system with a +/- 0.25mm (0.010″) accuracy at a constant speed
  • Print repeat lengths: 8-22″, 65T – 176T
  • Maximum print width: 340mm (13.38″)
  • Constant turning anilox roller
  • Auto throw off
  • Doctor blade
  • Dual dryer configuration for IR, UV & LED drying options

1 Rotary die station with matrix rewind

  • Die-cut to register servo drive system with a +/- 0.25mm (0.010″) accuracy at a constant speed.
  • Cutter repeat lengths: 8-22″, 65T – 176T
  • Fixed RotoMetrics through-hardened anvil – 105T – 13.125″ repeat.
  • 20mm (0.78″) thick die plates
  • Gearing 1/8cp 20 degree pressure angle
  • Lateral die adjustment
  • A driven capstan roller with adjustable tension control ensures reliable matrix stripping, enabling high speed running even if the matrix rewind becomes unstable.
  • Servo-driven waste/matrix rewind with a 76mm (3″) air mandrel
  • Maximum matrix rewind diameter: 609mm (24”)

Rotary scissor slitting unit

  • 3 slitting knives
  • Minimum slit width 13mm (0.51″)
  • Lateral knife adjustment +/- 8mm (0.31″)
  • Knife separation
  • Removable interlocked cutter guard
  • Dual knife box configuration to allow for razor slitting to be also fitted

Product Rewind

  • Maximum product rewind diameter: 700mm (27.5”)
  • Servo driven rewind
  • Automatic taper tension control
  • 76mm (3″) air mandrel

Count Facility:-

  • Labels
  • Length – meters / feet

Colour touch screen HMI operator interface

  • Highlights machine status & error messages
  • Counting options
  • Tension settings
  • Allows for easy & quick job setups

Maximum web Speed: 100 metres / minute (328 feet/minute) dependent on material.

Quick release pneumatically operated nip roller
Modem connection for machine diagnostics & software upgrade
Durable powder coated cabinet and main plate

Optional Equipment


Drying Options

  • 4.5Kw IR dryer
  • GEW E2C UV dryer
  • Optional Ozone Filter – Fits to the outlet fan and eliminates the need to duct exhaust air out of the building
  • GEW LED dryer

Additional product rewind for plain label production

  • Maximum product rewind diameter: 360mm (14”)
  • Servo driven
  • Taper tension control
  • Labels in / labels out rewinding
  • Air mandrels 25mm – 76mm  (1″ – 3″)

RotoMetrics Hydra Jacks – die pressure gauges, quick release (per die station) – modified guarding & die blocks
DBS-350 back scorer – 2 knife holders (for edge trimming & winding with waste)
Kocher & Beck GapMaster adjustable clearance anvil & oil lubrication
Foot pedal to jog machine (assists in webbing up the machine)
Addition servo-driven flexographic print/coating station
Addition servo-driven rotary die station (no waste rewind or stripping)
Semi-rotary die cutting
Air assisted turn bar
Razor slitting – with lateral knife adjustment +/- 8mm (0.31″) – Minimum slit width 10mm (0.39″)
Fully automatic SVT turret rewinder for inline finishing
Additional rotary/razor slitting knives
RotoMetrics tinting mandrel with Daco Solutions air assist stand
RotoMetrics magnetic die cylinders

Video / Gallery

Daco FLX350 Flexographic Label Press
Daco FLX350 1 Colour Flexographic Label Press
Daco FLX350 Flexographic Label Press
Daco FLX350 Flexo Label Press
Daco FLX350 Flexographic Label Press Print Unit
Daco FLX350 flexo print pnit producing colour washed 4 x 6

Product Documents

Daco FLX350 Flexographic Label Press - Product Brochure Download Now

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