RotoMetrics Hydra Jack System

The RotoMetrics Hydra Jack System is a simple to use hydraulic pressure gauging system. Hydra Jacks allow operators to monitor the die-cutting force easily, and as a result, decrease downtime and increase the operating life of the die.

Daco recommends the use of the RotoMetrics hydra jack system to help reduce setup times and reduce wastage. If a die plate or solid die has been supplied by RotoMetrics a data-sheet is provided with the die and indicates the correct die pressure to be applied, this removes the guesswork by the operator and reduces die wear and stresses to the machine components.


  • Supplied with a simple to use cam lock system, allowing the jacking screws to slide out of the bridge instead of unscrewing and once the locks are engaged, the pressure can be adjusted and monitored.
  • Detects force directly from the load applied to the die.
  • Large calibrated easy-to-read gauges.


  • Load cells and gauges are part of the screws, eliminating the need for wiring or mechanical connections.
  • Indicates immediately any increase in pressure resulting from heat build.
  • Helps protect tooling from the stresses of excess pressure.
  • On-file die pressure testing records, with dies ordered from RotoMetrics.

The RotoMetrics Hydra Jack system is retrofittable to all rotary die cutting machines in the Daco Solutions product range.

As you can see in the video below the RotoMetrics Hydra Jacks are simple and easy to use.  They can greatly reduce setup scrap and in the video you can see that the operator only used 1.2m (3.94 feet) of self adhesive label stock to set the rotary die station.

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