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Label Metrics Install A Daco D250 Rotary Die Cutter

Label Metrics purchases a Daco D250 rotary die cutter for the production of plain labels for its Hull based production facility.

The D250 was a replacement for a Daco DTD250 that was purchased a few years ago for short run and quick change over jobs, which saw Label Metrics running up to 30 – 40 jobs a day. The longer running jobs are manufactured on their Daco PLD350 machines with 1m (40”) unwinds and semi-automatic turret rewinding.

Daco D250 Rotary Die Cutter with Programmable Web Advance System

We noticed that some of the so called short run jobs were requiring several roll changes and the Daco DTD250 only had a 1,000 linear metre unwind so the decision was taken to purchase a Daco D250 with a 2,000 linear metre unwind and Daco part exchanged our Daco DTD250, commented Shaun Roberts, Managing Director.

Daco Solution’s sales manager, Mark Laurence, explains that we developed a web advance for the D250 because Label Metrics liked the feature on their existing Daco DSI330, when coupled with a short web path, Daco DBS back scorer and touch screen with job storage is set to accelerate their short run work considerably.

View the Label Metrics web site: www.labelmetrics.co.uk


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