Daco Solutions launch the Daco DTD 250 tabletop rotary die cutter

The Daco DTD250 tabletop rotary die cutter was introduced to the product range in September 2002. After consulting existing clients we found a need for a cost effective machine to produce blank labels.

Daco DTD 250 tabletop rotary die cutter for the production of blank labels with optional second rewind

We found that clients were either using old multi colour presses which were slow or new multi colour presses that were expensive. Either way the cost of the finished label was high. We introduced the Daco DTD250 capable of 150 metres / minute and is very competitively priced, in many cases cheaper than an old 10 inch multi colour press. Daco firmly believe we have the total solution to plain label production with the entry level DTD 250, the high speed Daco D which is available in 13 or 16 inches and the Daco TD, a turret rewinder with a 40 inch unwind and rotary die cutter for non-stop production.

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