Macchinari usati

EFI Jetrion 4900M - 360dpi CMYK+W Inline UV Inkjet Label Press

Unwind Unit with slitting table
Web Guide
Vetaphone Corona treatment
High Power Windows 7 PC with Mercury Printer Software
360dpi CYMK+W UV inkjet with antistatic bar
15 x Xaar 1003GS6 Print Heads arranged 3 x 5 W +CMYK with LED cure on White
207mm print width
250mm carriage
Honle UV Curing System (9,500hrs)
Inline SEI dual laser die cutting station*
Buffer Unit
Windows XP System PC driving lasers and printer modules
Scorer Units
‘Scrapper unit’ for Waste Matrix removal including a heating plate
Inspection table
Slitting Unit
Rewind mandrills (2 x Turreted) 1 x Main
Windows PC with Fiery RIP (Pre-Press)

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