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Daco DF350SR Digital Converting and Finishing Press

Max web width: 350mm (13.75”)

Minimum web width 200mm (8”)

Maximum unwind diameter: 500mm (19.68″)

76mm (3″) diameter air shaft

Electromagnetic particle brake

Taper tension control

Programmable end of roll function

The user can program the roll end diameter – slowdown and / or stop.  The system does not use any roll followers or external sensors that can be damaged at roll changes.  The diameter is programmed from the touch screen operator interface

BST electronic web guide

Ultrasonic sensor – enables guiding of opaque and clear materials

Adjustable web guide sensor

+/- 25mm (1″) correction

Integral splice table with pneumatic web clamps

1 Full Rotary Flexographic print / coating station

Re-register servo drive system with a +/- 0.25mm

Print to register servo drive system with a +/- 0.25mm (0.010″) accuracy at a constant speed

Print repeat lengths: – 203-410mm (8″-16″)

Maximum print width 340mm (13.38”)

Constant turning anilox roller (Screen count to client specification)

Auto throw off

Doctor blade

GEW E2C UV dryer

Maximum drying width: 340mm

Lamp power: Up to 140W/cm

Running speed: Up to 100 m/min

Rotary die station with matrix rewind (full rotary & semi-rotary)

Die cut to register servo drive systems with a +/- 0.25mm (0.010″) accuracy at a constant speed

Full rotary cutter repeat lengths: 203-457mm (8″-18″)

Semi rotary cutter repeat length: 50-457mm (2″-18″)

Fixed RotoMetrics through hardened anvil – 105T – 13.125″ repeat.

20mm (0.78″) thick die plates

Gearing 1/8cp 20 degree pressure angle

Lateral die adjustment

76mm mechanical mandrel: For matrix rewind

Maximum matrix rewind diameter: 500mm (19.68”)

Product Rewind

Maximum product rewind diameter: 500mm (19.68”)

Servo driven rewind

Automatic taper tension control

76mm (3″) air mandrel

Labels in / labels out rewinding

Maximum web Speed: 100 metres / minute (328 feet/minute) dependent on material – Full rotary

Maximum web Speed: 38 metres / minute (124 feet/minute) dependent on material – Semi rotary

Note: The actual running speed is dependent on the repeat length

Count Facility:-


Length – meters / feet

Total count

Batch count

TLC – Total length count until reset by the operator

Auto calculation of slowdown and stop irrelevant of web speed

Rotary scissor slitting unit

3 slitting knives

Minimum slit width 13mm (0.51″)

Lateral knife adjustment +/- 8mm (0.31″)

Removable interlocked cutter guard

Dual knife box configuration to allow for razor slitting to be also fitted

Fully adjustable silicone nip roller

Colour touch screen HMI operator interface

Highlights machine status & error messages

Counting options

Tension settings

Allows for easy & quick job set ups

RotoMetrics Hydra Jacks – die pressure gauges, quick release (per die station) – modified guarding & die blocks

DBS-350 back scorer – 2 knife holders (for edge trimming & winding with waste)

Razor slitting with 3 knives and lateral adjustment


Electrical requirements: 415 volts, 3 phase Neutral & Earth, 25 amps

Air requirements: 80 psi, 1 cfm



Year of manufacture: September 2015

Serial number: 15090316

Availability: June 2020


Edale Alpha - 4 Colour UV Press

3 Rotary die stations – 2 with removable anvils.


GEW UV dryers

E & L web guide

Age: 2013

Availability: Immediately

For further information please contact:-

AM Labels Ltd

Mr Tony Mariani –

Daco Combi 330 Fully Automatic Turret Rewinder


Inline & Off-line Operation

Web width: 330mm (13”)

Maximum unwind diameter: 700mm (27.5”)

76mm (3”) air shaft

Programmable end of roll

Merobel electronic brake

Taper tension control

Splice table with pneumatic interlocked web clamps

Automatic electronic web guide

Adjustable web guide sensor

3 spindle turret rewind

350mm (13.75”) maximum rewind diameter

Taper tension control

3 x 76mm (3”) air mandrels

Adjustable core positioning stop

Automatic roll eject system complete with roll collection chute

Hot melt core gluing system: 5 glue transfer wheels

The glue bath does not need to be removed from the machine to add or remove glue transfer wheels.

Hot melt tail gluing device

Rotary scissor slitting

3 slitting knives

Knife separation

Allows for easy setting of the knife and anvil with the web in place.  Does not require costly off machine setting tools.

Minimum slit width: 16mm (0.62″)

Lateral knife adjustment: +/- 5mm (0.196”)

Maximum web speeds

Offline mode up to 220 metres/minute

Inline mode up to 150 metres/minute

25-38mm (1” – 1.5”) mandrels 100 m/minute

Fastest cycle time: 20 seconds / 3 cycles per minute

Count units: Labels / Metres / Feet

HMI operator interface

Shows machine status and system messages (interlocks not met etc)

Counting options

Tension settings

Allows for easy and quick jobs set ups

3 x 25mm (1”) air mandrels (including ejector plate)

3 x 38mm (1.5”) air mandrels (including ejector plate)

3 x 44mm air mandrels (including ejector plate)


Air requirements: 80 psi, 1 cfm

Electrics: 220-240 volts, single phase, 50 / 60 Hz, 16 amp


Year of manufacture: 2003

Availability: Immediately

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