Daco DTD250R Ripiano – Fustellatore da registrare

Daco DTD250R – Fustellatore rotativo da banco con taglio a registro è l’unità ideale per le macchine da stampa digitali più piccole per etichette, quali Primera CX1200, Degrava 8500 ed Efi Jetrion. Il fustellatore con taglio a registro DTD 250R consente la finitura rapida ed economica di nastri stampati digitalmente.


The Daco DTD 250R is the perfect re-register die cut unit for utilisation with smaller digital label printing presses. The DTD 250R re-register die cut machine allows digitally printed webs to be finished quickly and economically. The machine offers the flexibility and high performance often found in much larger and more expensive systems. Its design includes a quick make ready shear knife slitting box and touch screen control that makes any job quick and easy.

The Daco DTD 250R table top die cut to register rotary die cutter is the cost effective solution to the finishing of digitally pre-printed webs from machines such as the Primera CX1200, Degrava 8500 and EFI Jetrion type machines. Using the latest in servo drive technology the material can be converted into finished rolls of digital labels at speeds of up to 130 metres / minute – 426 feet / minute .

The re-register rotary die cutter is available with either one or two rotary die stations, rotary slitting and independent tension control for the unwind and rewind.

Daco DTD250R Ripiano – Fustellatore da registrare

Caratteristiche Standard

  • Svolgimento
    • Maximum unwind diameter: 450mm (18″)
    • 76mm (3″) diameter air shaft
    • Freno a particelle elettromagnetiche di Merobel
    • Automatic taper tension control
    • End of roll function – The user is able to program the roll end diameter – slowdown and/or stop – The system does not use any roll followers or external sensors that can be damaged at roll changes. The diameter is programmed from the touch screen operator interface
  • Tavolo di giuntura 
    • Fixed splicing table with a slot
  • Gruppo fustellatore
    • Sistema servo drive per la fustellatura a registro – Con precisione fino a 0,25 mm a velocità operativa costante
    • 153 – 406 (6″-16″) die repeats
    • Rotometrics through hardened anvil – 84T – 10.5″ repeat
    • 16mm (0.62″) thick precision ground die plates
    • Ingranaggi – Angolo di pressione 20° con passo 1/8
    • In-feed and exit nip roller.
    • Matrix / Waste Rewind – 400mm (15.75″) diameter.
    • Mandrino meccanico da 76 mm per bobina sfridatura, riavvolgimento
    • A driven matrix stripping roller with adjustable tension control ensures reliable matrix stripping, enabling high speed running even if the matrix becomes unstable
  • Guidanastro
    • Guidanastro elettronico BST
    • Sensore a ultrasuoni – enables guiding of opaque and clear materials
    • Adjustable web guide sensor.
    • +/- 25mm (1″) correction.
  • Draw Head
    • Fully adjustable silicone nip roller against a driven draw roller
    • The silicone nip roller does not allow labels to attach themselves to it reducing down time
  • Taglierina a rasoio
    • 3 lame
    • Larghezza minima di taglio: 10 mm (0383″)
    • Regolazione laterale della fustellatrice
  • Taglierina rotativa a forbice
    • 3 rotary scissor slitting knives (shear knife)
    • Larghezza minima di taglio: 13mm (0.51″)
    • Regolazione laterale lama di taglio: +/- 5mm (0.196″)
  • Riavvolgimento
    • Un riavvolgitore prodotto
    • Maximum rewind diameter: 360 mm (14″)
    • Mandrino ad aria: 76mm (3″)
    • Frizione a particelle elettromagnetiche di Merobel
    • Automatic taper tension control
    • The mandrels are quick change
    • Riavvolgimento etichette lato interno/esterno
  • Count Facility
    • Etichette
    • Linear – metres & feet
  • Interfaccia operatore di tipo “touch screen”
    • Shows machine status – system messages, interlocks not met etc
    • Quick and easy job set ups
    • Counting options
    • Tension settings
  • Velocità – 130 metres / minute – 426 feet / minute – dependent on material
  • Run Hour Meter
  • Conforms to CE regulations and all circuits use dual channel safety switches, which are continuously monitored using a certified safety relay

Attrezzatura Opzionale

  • Separazione laterale lama di taglio
  • Self wound laminating station, with taper tension control and end of roll function
  • Barra di sfridatura matrice
  • Doppio riavvolgimento prodotto
  • Morsetti nastro pneumatici per il tavolo di giuntura
  • Mandrini ad aria – Da 25 mm a 76 mm (da 1″ a 3″)
  • Daco DBS250 back scorer – consente l’avvolgimento dei rifili con la matrice di sfridatura
  • RotoMetrics Hydra Jack– die pressure guages for
  • Cilindri di fustellatura magnetici di RotoMetrics
  • Lame per taglierina rotativa aggiuntive

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Daco DTD250R Ripiano – Fustellatore da registrare

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