DTR-BK Dossier / ECL Bobinatrice etichette

DTR-BK – Ribobinatrice per etichette multipagina/ECL è progettata specificatamente per il riavvolgimento di etichette multipagina/ECL.

DTR-BK Dossier / ECL Bobinatrice etichette


The Daco DTR-BK was introduced as customers were asking for a reliable method of rewinding problematic booklet / ecl labels.

Traditional inspection / slitter rewinders web paths are not suitable for booklet labels as there are too many rollers to travel around, and the labels are not suited to being passed through a nip roller.

Daco Solutions have developed a machine with Fix-A-Form International and end users. The Daco DTR-BK has a short and simple web path, large diameter path rollers, laterally moving electronically guided unwind and no nip roller.

Larghezza nastro: 350mm (13.8″) o 410mm (16″)

DTR-BK Dossier / ECL Bobinatrice etichette

Caratteristiche Standard

  • Svolgimento
    • Maximum unwind diameter: 700mm (27.5″)
    • Mandrino ad aria: 76mm (3″)
    • Freno a particelle elettromagnetiche di Merobel
    • Servodiametro per il riavvolgimento – Assenza di “seguibobina” o sensori esterni che richiedano regolazioni e manutenzione
  • Electronic Web Guidance
    • Steered unwind
    • Sensore a ultrasuoni
    • +/- 25mm (1″) correction
  • Tavolo di giuntura 
    • Fixed splicing facility with high lift removable web clamps to allow the booklet / ecl labels to travel through without touching the web clamps.
  • Riavvolgimento
    • Un riavvolgitore prodotto
    • Maximum rewind diameter: 700mm (27.5″)
    • Mandrino ad aria: 76mm (3″)
    • Riavvolgimento etichette lato interno/esterno
  • Count Facility
    • Etichette
    • Linear – metres & feet
    • Programmable auto slow down and stop when the count is reached
  • Interfaccia operatore di tipo “touch screen”
    • Shows machine status – system messages, interlocks not met etc
    • Quick and easy job set ups
    • Counting options
    • Tension settings
  • Velocità  – 175 metres / minute (575 feet / minute) – dependent on material
  • Conforms to CE regulations and all circuits use dual channel safety switches, which are continuously monitored using a certified safety relay

Attrezzatura Opzionale

  • Upgrade path rollers to 152mm (6″)
  • Bi directional rewinding – Forward / reverse rewinding
  • Tavolo di giuntura regolabile con morsetti nastro pneumatici  – +/- 50mm (2″)
  • Taglierina a rasoio – 3 lame con regolazione laterale
  • Auto web clamp for the rewind
  • Servo driven height adjustment for the product rewind
  • Unwind backing discs
  • Inkjet printing systems
  • Vision system integration
  • Mandrini di riavvolgimento – Da 25 mm a 76 mm (da 1″ a 3″)
  • 101mm (4″) mandrel sleeve
  • 152mm (6″) mandrel sleeve
  • Additional razor slitting knives

Video / Galleria

DTR-BK Dossier / ECL Bobinatrice etichette

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