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Fustellatori e tagliabobinatrici

Daco PLR 250 / 350 Bobinatrice con torretta semi-automatica

The Daco PLR 250 / 350 offers all the benefits of turret rewinding but with very quick make ready times unlike conventional rewinding. This allows shorter runs to be produced both quickly and more efficiently.

The machine is available as a rewinder, or with the addition of a rotary die cutter it is a cost effective solution to blank / plain label converting with a production speed of 150m/minute. The PLR is available with either one or two rotary die stations for plain label production.

Larghezza nastro: 250mm (10″) o 350mm (13.75″)

Standard Features of the Daco PLR 250 / 350 Bobinatrice con torretta semi-automatica

  • Svolgimento
    • Maximum unwind diameter: 700mm (27.5″)
    • Mandrino ad aria: 76mm (3″)
    • Freno a particelle elettromagnetiche
    • Automatic taper tension control
    • End of roll function – The user is able to program the roll end diameter – slowdown and/or stop – The system does not use any roll followers or external sensors that can be damaged at roll changes. The diameter is programmed from the touch screen operator interface
  • Guidanastro
    • Guidanastro elettronico BST
    • Sensore a ultrasuoni – enables guiding of opaque and clear materials
    • Integral diagonal splice table with pneumatic web clamps
    • Adjustable web guide sensor
    • +/- 25mm (1″) correction
  • Draw Head
    • Silicone nip roller against a driven draw roller
    • The silicone nip roller does not allow labels to attach themselves to it reducing down time
    • Fully adjustable to allow for different label stocks
    • The draw roller is driven by a 1.5Kw (2 hp) motor
  • Taglierina
    • 3 quick set rotary scissor slitting knives (shear knife)
    • Larghezza minima di taglio: 13mm (0.51″)
    • Regolazione laterale lama di taglio: +/- 8mm (0.31″)
    • Removable interlocked cutter guard for easy access to the slitting knives and anvils
  • Turret Rewind – 3 Position
    • Max rewind diameter: 250mm (10″)
    • 3 x 76mm (3″) diameter quick change air shafts (or 3 of customer choice)
    • Frizione a particelle elettromagnetiche
    • Automatic taper tension control – automatic tension control
    • Adjustable core positioning device – ensures accurate loading of cores onto the mandrel
    • Automatic roll ejection system – enables easy removal of the finished rolls by the operator
  • Count Facility
    • Etichette
    • Linear – metres
    • Punti di rallentamento e di arresto automatico programmabile al raggiungimento del conteggio
  • Velocità  – 150 metres / minute – 492 feet / minute – dependent on material
  • Conforms to CE regulations and all circuits use dual channel safety switches, which are continuously monitored using a certified safety relay

Optional Equipment

  • Modular 1m (40″) unwind
  • Gruppo fustellatore rotativo per produzione di etichette neutre
  • Separazione laterale lama di taglio (taglierina rotativa)
  • Controllo della tensione a circuito chiuso per lo svolgimento
  • Mandrini ad aria – Da 25 mm a 76 mm (da 1″ a 3″)
  • Mandrini ad aria – 19 mm (3/4″) for 350mm (13.77) model only
  • Lame per taglierina rotativa aggiuntive