Máquinas de demostración

On occasions, we have ex-demonstration label converting equipment and ancillary machinery that are only a few months old.

We offer a part exchange service that enables our customers to upgrade their existing equipment. Purchasing one of these systems can provide significant savings for customers with a limited budget and can be viewed on our used equipment page.  We have used equipment arriving regularly so if you don’t see one that suits your requirements contact our sales team for an up to date list.

Please find below details of ex-demonstration equipment currently on offer.

Daco PLD350 die cutter with semi-automatic turret rewinder


  • Maximum unwind diameter: 700mm (27.5″)
  • 76mm (3″) diameter air shaft
  • Merobel electromagnetic particle brake
  • Programmable end-of-roll function
  • The user can program the roll end diameter – slowdown and / or stop.  The system uses no roll followers or external sensors that can be damaged at roll changes.  The diameter is programmed from the touchscreen operator interface.
  • Web up – the operator from the touchscreen operator interface releases the unwind brake to allow for simple webbing up of the machine.

BST Electronic Web guide

  • Ultrasonic sensor – enables guiding of opaque and clear materials.
  • Adjustable web guide sensor.
  • +/- 25mm (1″) correction.
  • Integral splice table with pneumatic interlocked web clamps.
  • Tape dispenser for splicing

Die Station

  • 250 model – 6″ to 16″ die repeats | 350 model – 8″ to 18″ die repeats | 430 model – 10″ to 24″ die repeats
  • RotoMetrics through-hardened anvil – 105T – 13.125″ repeat.
  • Precision ground steel die plates – 250mm (10″) model 16mm (0.62″) thick / 350mm (13.75″) model 20mm (0.78″) thick.
  • Gearing – 1/8 cp, 20-degree pressure angle.
  • A driven matrix stripping roller with adjustable tension control ensures reliable matrix stripping, enabling high-speed running even if the matrix rewind becomes unstable.
  • Matrix / Waste Rewind – 700mm (27.5″) diameter with fully adjustable tension control.
  • 250 model – 76mm (3″) mechanical mandrel for waste rewind | 350 / 430 models Servo-driven waste/matrix rewind with a 76mm (3″) air mandrel

Draw Head

  • Silicone nip roller against a driven draw roller.
  • The silicone nip roller does not allow labels to attach to it, reducing downtime.
  • Fully adjustable to allow for different label stocks.
  • The draw roller is driven by a 1.5Kw (2 hp) motor.


  • 3 quick-set rotary scissor-slitting knives (shear knife).
  • Minimum slit width: 13mm (0.51″)
  • Lateral knife adjustment: +/- 8mm (0.31″)
  • Removable interlocked cutter guard for easy access to the slitting knives and anvils.

Daco PLD350

Turret Rewind – 3 Position

  • Maximum rewind diameter: 340mm (13.38″)
  • 3 x 76mm (3″) diameter quick-change air shafts (or 3 of customer choice)
  • Servo driven.
  • Automatic taper tension control – automatic tension control.
  • Adjustable core positioning device – ensures accurate core loading onto the mandrel.
  • Automatic roll ejection system – enables easy removal of the finished rolls by the operator

Count Facility

  • Labels
  • Linear – metres
  • Programmable auto slow down and stop when the count is reached.

Colour Touch Screen Operator Interface

  • Highlights machine status, error messages and warnings
  • Counting options
  • Tension settings
  • Job storage allows for easy & quick job setups – 100 jobs

Speed – 175 metres/minute – 575 feet/minute – dependent on material

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