Rebobinadora de Etiquetas para Livretes / ECL DTR-BK

DTR-BK Rebobinadora de etiquetas perfuradas e etiquetas – folheto é especialmente concebida para a rebobinagem de etiquetas perfuradas e etiquetas – folheto.


The Daco DTR-BK was introduced as customers were asking for a reliable method of rewinding problematic booklet / ecl labels.

Traditional inspection / slitter rewinders web paths are not suitable for booklet labels as there are too many rollers to travel around, and the labels are not suited to being passed through a nip roller.

Daco Solutions have developed a machine with Fix-A-Form International and end users. The Daco DTR-BK has a short and simple web path, large diameter path rollers, laterally moving electronically guided unwind and no nip roller.

Largura da folha 350mm (13.8″) ou 410mm (16″)

Rebobinadora de Etiquetas para Livretes / ECL DTR-BK


  • Desbobinagem
    • Maximum unwind diameter: 700mm (27.5″)
    • Actualização de mandril pneumático: 76mm (3″)
    • Travão com partícula eletromagnética do Merobel
    • Controlo de Conicidade: Não existe, seguidores da bobina ou sensores externos a serem ajustados ou sujeitos a manutenção
  • Electronic Web Guidance
    • Steered unwind
    • Sensor ultrassónico
    • +/- 25mm (1″) correction
  • Mesa de Emenda
    • Fixed splicing facility with high lift removable web clamps to allow the booklet / ecl labels to travel through without touching the web clamps
  • Rebobinagem
    • Único produto com rebobinagem
    • Maximum rewind diameter: 700mm (27.5″)
    • Actualização de mandril pneumático: 76mm (3″)
    • Rebobinagem Entrada de etiquetas / Saída de Etiquetas
  • Count Facility
    • Etiquetas
    • Linear – metres & feet
    • Programmable auto slow down and stop when the count is reached
  • Interface do operador para ecrã táctil
    • Shows machine status – system messages, interlocks not met etc
    • Quick and easy job set ups
    • Counting options
    • Tension settings
  • Velocidade – 175 metres / minute (575 feet / minute) – dependent on material
  • Conforms to CE regulations and all circuits use dual channel safety switches, which are continuously monitored using a certified safety relay


  • Upgrade path rollers to 152mm (6″)
  • Bi directional rewinding – Forward / reverse rewinding
  • Mesa de emenda ajustável com dispositivos de bloqueio pneumático da folha  – +/- 50mm (2″)
  • Corte de navalha – 3 lâminas de corte com ajuste lateral
  • Auto web clamp for the rewind
  • Servo driven height adjustment for the product rewind
  • Unwind backing discs
  • Inkjet printing systems
  • Vision system integration
  • Mandris de rebobinagem – 25 a 76 mm (1 a 3″)
  • 101mm (4″) mandrel sleeve
  • 152mm (6″) mandrel sleeve
  • Additional razor slitting knives

Vídeo / Galeria

Rebobinadora de Etiquetas para Livretes / ECL DTR-BK

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