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Оборудование для высечки и резки

Rotometrics RD Scorer – устройство обратной резки

The RotoMetric’s RD Scorer Unit is a self-contained scorer that simply bolts on to the Daco Solutions range of rotary die cutters.

And because it’s not gear driven and requires no power from the press it can replace adjustable scoring tools that utilise a rotary die cutting station. The RotoMetrics RD scorer can be retrofitted to most machines in the Daco range of die cutting equipment.


  • Consists of an anvil roll, fully adjustable scoring blades, blade holders, mounting shaft for blades and mounting brackets for the unit.
  • Includes two fully hardened tool steel blades and blade holders; more may be added as an option.
  • Cutting blades are fully adjustable across the web (Minimum scoring / perforating width is 19mm (0 .750″).
  • A selection of perforating blade are available to allow the length perforation of the web.


  • Unit is self-contained.
  • Replaces adjustable scoring tools used in die stations.
  • Depth of cut can be easily adjusted on each blade by turning an adjustment screw on each blade holder.
  • Quick and easy to set.
  • Prevents the troublesome slitting of edge trims in slitting units.
  • Can increase die cutting speed as the waste matrix on the rewind becomes more stable and does not go out of shape as easy.

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