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We would like to wish you a Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Have an Eco-Friendly Christmas and a Greener New Year!

Daco Solutions over the last year have been evaluating its environmental impact and have placed many procedures in place to reduce our carbon foot print. This year we have again decided to plant some more trees rather than sending Christmas cards to our clients Worldwide. We felt that the carbon footprint left by sending cards throughout the World could not be justified. Are you aware that each tree planted “offsets” our environmental impact by “breathing” in about 1 tonne of CO2 emissions over its lifetime. It’s estimated that the average person needs to save about 7 tonnes of CO2 per year. So planting just 7 trees each year is one strategy for achieving this. The trees also provide sustainable habitat for wildlife and will enhance the natural landscape with native broad-leaved trees. We have now have planted 30 trees since November 2008. We will continue to look at solutions to reduce our carbon foot print during the design, manufacture and shipment of our products globally.

Daco Solutions 2010 Tree Planting Certificate


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