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Daco SRW In-line Matrix Stripper / Rewinder

  • Daco SRW In-line Matrix Stripper / Rewinder

The Daco SRW in-line matrix stripper / rewinder can be used in-line with semi-rotary label printing presses. The web is fed into a loop box and is then drawn through a web guidance system and onto a vacuum drum.

The web can then be stripped under tension, the machine uses a driven capstan roller ensuring a constant stripping tension at all times. The web can then be slit in the rotary shear knife slitting system. The machines uses quick change air mandrels on the rewind.

The Daco SRW can be used in-line with printing machines or off-line at an increased working speed with the additions of an optional unwind.

Web width 250mm (10″), 330mm (13″) or 410mm (16″)

Standard Features of the Daco SRW In-line Matrix Stripper / Rewinder

  • In-feed
    • 1200mm Light / loop box with upper sensor
    • In-feed ladder with web guides
    • Fixed vacuum roller and is adjustable for tension
  • Waste Rewinder
    • Maximum waste rewind diameter: 500mm (19.68″)
    • Pneumatic rewind clutch with independent regulator and gauge
    • 76mm (3″) air mandrel for matrix removal
    • Driven capstan roller which is adjustable for tension
  • Draw Head
    • Silicone nip roller against a driven draw roller.
    • The silicone nip roller does not allow labels to attach themselves to it reducing down time.
    • Fully adjustable to allow for different label stocks.
    • The draw roller is driven by a 1.5Kw (2 hp) motor.
  • Slitting
    • 3 quick set rotary scissor slitting knives (shear knife).
    • Minimum slit width: 13mm (0.51″)
    • Lateral knife adjustment: +/- 8mm (0.31″)
    • Removable interlock cutter guard for easy access to the slitting knives and anvils.
  • Rewind
    • 1 Product rewind
    • Maximum rewind diameter: 500mm (19.68″)
    • 76mm (3″) air mandrel
    • Merobel electromagnetic particle clutch
    • Label in / labels out rewinding
    • Web separator roller with 3 separators
  • Count Facility
    • Labels
    • Linear – metres
  • Speed – 60 metres / minute – 196 feet / minute – dependent on material
  • Conforms to CE regulations and all circuits use dual channel safety switches, which are continuously monitored using a certified safety relay.

Optional Equipment

  • Taper tension control for the product rewind. Adds touch screen control
  • Dual product rewinds
  • Air rewind mandrels – 25 to 102mm (1 to 4″)
  • 700mm (27.5″) diameter unwind.

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